Meet Nedsky!

Happy October everybody! A new month may mean new goals, but it also means carrying out our mission to acknowledge the great team we have. Let’s start off the month by highlighting everyone’s favorite social media king, Nedsky Toledo!

Nedsky has been with inMark since July 2016 and we couldn’t be happier to have him. Though his title is Graphic Designer, Nedsky also balances several other responsibilities. As mentioned before, he’s pretty good at social media. He’s increased inMark’s following exponentially, applies strategy to all of the content that is shared, and shares the wisdom with our interns, thus paying his knowledge forward. When he isn’t dominating Instagram or creating killer logos, he also lends a hand in installation. A true MVP, Nedsky is always willing to help others, as long as he can play some rap music in the background. When he’s not in the office, Nedsky runs an Urban Streetwear clothing line with best friends Leo and Chris called Hi-Trait (follow them at @hitraitclothing). When he’s not hustling for Hi-trait, you can find him feeding his large colombian red-tailed boa, Escobar.

Despite the multiple hats he wears, Nedsky was able to take a little time, sit down, and share his thoughts on the culture at InMark

1)What is something about inMark that you really like?

Nedsky: I love how involved everyone is with each other in each department. We always have someone for that second opinion, always have someone to come to, and the fact that everyone is here to learn together and build together.

2) What is your “Why”?
Nedsky: What motivates me to work harder and push myself is my family but also for self-improvement. It’s important to want things for yourself. It’s not selfish to want to grow and be better, especially if you want to be better for other people in your life as well.

3)Do you have a favorite quote you live by?

Nedsky: One that sticks out to me is, “Turn your fears into focus”. But with the morning huddles, I’ve been exposed to so many other great quotes as well.

4)What is something you are proud of that you accomplished at inMark?

Nedsky: Something that I’m really proud of is bringing more exposure to inMark as an agency through my social media strategies. I know that my efforts can result in possible clients and more business for inMark, as well as sending the right message through my work about who we are, what we do, and how we can help you.

To get a glimpse of Nedsky’s social media prowess, give us a follow for great content!





Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Working for a company is much more than completing your required tasks. It also means working with a team of other people with backgrounds, opinions, and values different from your own.  However, differences that are not navigated cautiously can sometimes create friction among co-workers. It’s important to focus on collaboration just as much as performance when working in a group. When teamwork is established, it’s impact can greatly affect overall company growth. But how exactly can teamwork create impact?

When an environment is cultivated with teamwork as a priority, the atmosphere that corresponds often fosters friendship and loyalty. In turn, when employees feel they are part of close-knit relationships they are more likely to co-operate, be supportive of one another, and work harder. The consequence of not creating a teamwork environment can often turn into an environment that encourages competition. While competition is healthy, it can also lead to employees becoming self-absorbed and more concerned with achieving as individuals rather than as a group.

In addition to increasing unity, team work can also increase individual growth. When you get a long with the people you work close with, colleagues are able to offer you feedback on your work that you may not otherwise come up with on your own. There is great value in sharing different opinions, as evaluating something from several perspectives can increase efficiency in the long run. Teamwork also encourages brainstorming, which often times motivates others to work harder to see their ideas turn into reality. When individuals only look out for themselves, they are not exposed to different perspectives which can delay progress and increase the chances of eliminating an idea all together.  Teamwork not only brings exposure to different perspectives, but it also gives employees the opportunity to learn skills from their colleagues as well. When working with people with different work experiences and titles, they are able to communicate and trade-off tips, analogies, and approaches that can otherwise not be learned through an article or google search.

Finally, encouraging a teamwork environment can improve overall individual satisfaction. Employers are less likely to leave an organization if they feel that they formed friendships with their colleagues. Just as working in a negative work environment can cause people to quit, a positive work environment can persuade people to stay. This, in addition to have a reputation as a workplace with strong teamwork environment, can increase the percentage of applicants when recruiting for vacant positions.

Can you attest to being part of a team that worked together? How about being part of a team that didn’t foster unity? What was that experience like? We would love to hear your thoughts! please feel free to comment your opinion below and join the discussion.



Social Media and Consumer Behavior

Social Media is not merely for posting pictures for your friends and family to like or share. As mentioned time and time again, Social Media can garner serious brand recognition for business owners when harnessed correctly. However, in addition to brand recognition, social media has now been shown to impact consumer behavior.

With Social media, communication between companies and consumers is no longer top down. In fact, communication is now being look at more as a web. Everyone can be connected. Not only are consumers and companies connected, but connections can also be company to company or even consumer to consumer. So, when consumers are scouting out your product or service, they will likely go to other consumers to receive their opinion or experience they’ve had. While word of mouth has always been a factor in consumer behavior, Social Media has amplified it by connecting people from all areas. A good review can push a consumer to use your product or service, and a bad one can be detrimental.

In addition to changing and improving the way companies and consumers communicate, social media also keeps consumers in the know about important information, new product releases or services, events, hours of operation, and more. If a consumer can get information through social media with one company versus another, they are more likely to use the first company because of convenience. Even if the first company offers products or services that have higher rates than their competitors, having consistent and strong online presence can persuade consumers.

Lastly, a big way social media can impact consumers is by turning their wants into their needs. According to numerous studies, around 75% of consumers who have seen a friend on social media share a product or link will visit the product’s page or website. Additionally, of those consumers, 53% of them will end up purchasing the product that they are visiting the page for.

What’s important to know about Social Media is that it can have several functions. Because of this, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the different things you can do with it. The best thing to do is set a goal in mind that focuses on one function. It is better to be committed to one thing rather than simply participating in multiple functions. If you want to impact sounder behavior the way we have described, consider stepping up your social media game. Don’t know where to start? Call or email us so we can get your social media presence up!



Mindfulness in the Office

Sometimes, we get so caught up with completing tasks and meeting deadlines that we don’t take the time to appreciate our progress. If you know that you are the type of person to rarely take time out of your week to devote to yourself, you may want to consider small ways to implement mindfulness into your work day. What is Mindfulness? According to, “Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us”. By focusing on mindfulness, specifically within the workplace, you can both de-stress and remain productive. The following tips will help you recharge so you can get even more done.

Focused Breathing
When you transition between tasks, practice a breathing exercise. Focused breathing will not only provide more oxygen to your brain, but will also ease your mind and clear it from your many racing thoughts. Don’t know a breathing exercise? Inhale, hold, and exhale for one count of four each. Once you done that, repeat the process but addo another count of four until you reach 16 beats. This exercise really makes you pay attention to your breathing.

Unplug When You Can
At work, it’s almost mandatory to use technology in some sort of capacity. Whether it’s designing or answering emails, odds you are you are likely to spend the majority of your day on the computer. While technology has advanced our form of communication and increased efficiency, it’s important to use everything in moderation. When walking to meetings, eating lunch, or even commuting to work, try to refrain from using technology and use that time to pay attention to
your body in the moment. Notice your breathing patterns, listen to your heart beat. Do your best to think in the moment.

Take a Walk– Not a Hike!
In between tasks, don’t be afraid to get up and walk around your office, building, or nearest parking lot. Pay attention to the pace, the stride, and the feel of your walk. Play around with these factors as well to add some variety. Small things like this may seem silly, but they will give you an overall relaxed piece of mind that will reset your focus and improve productivity and mood.

By practicing these simple actions, you will practice more mindfulness in your day which results in a more relaxed and stress-free state.



Meet Arianna!

At inMark, we highly value our team members for everything that they do. To show our appreciation for each and every person that plays a moving part, we decided to highlight our team players on our blog so all of you can see how truly awesome they are. This week, we’ll get to know a little bit about one of our graphic designers, Arianna Mastrandrea!

Arianna has been with inMark since April of this year. While she may be one of the newest of the graphic designers, the amount of impressive designs and ideas she has contributed makes her seem like an expert. The creative team values her attention to detail, positive vibes, and enthusiasm to help others. In addition, she has a podcast called, ‘Sealed With a Kiss’, in which she and her co-host Stacey tackle all topics related to love. Whether it’s about what to wear to the first date or how to cope with a breakup, she’s got you covered. When she’s not being a #girlboss behind the computer or on a podcast, she spends time with her fiancé Phill (newly engaged!) and Yorkie, Theo.

We firmly believe that the success of our team members stems from their feelings toward office culture. Luckily, we got the chance to sit down with Arianna and talk about her thoughts on the inMark lifestyle!

Q: What is something that you really like about inMark?

A: Out of everything to choose from, I think it’s the culture and positive atmosphere. It makes me not only happy to come into work, but also happy to be with my team. Everybody is somebody at inMark.

Q:What makes the difference between loving going into work and hating it?
A: Being able to go to a place where I would enjoy the work was something that was very important to me when looking for a job. The people you work with and the job you do is what determines your attitude. Both positivity and negativity are contagious…it’s up to you what you’d rather be around!

Q: What are 5 things you appreciate about inMark? Go!
1) The culture
2) Our leaders
3) Constant learning opportunities
4) “Have fun and get it done” mentality
5) The ability to grow within the company

Q: In one word, what is the most important quality a productive and happy team should have?
A: Communication!

Don’t forget to follow us on social to see Arianna’s work, as well as the work of all of our inMark family members!



Supermarket Advertising: Is the Digital Age a Threat?

Are you the owner of a small to medium sized business? If you are, and you’ve done your research, you’ve probably heard of Supermarket advertising. But what about the naysayers? Chances are you’ve heard plenty of them. “Everything is digital these days, why invest in supermarket advertising?”

The truth is that as long as people need food, supermarket advertising is not going to fade. Not for a very long time, if anything. Why is that? Let’s break it down for you:

Basic Human Needs
The fact of the matter is that grocery shopping is always going to be a necessity. It doesn’t matter if the household of each shopper mostly cooks their own food or if they order takeout, there are just some things at the supermarket that you need to get. Basic human needs such as food, water, sanitary products, and even electronics are sold here. This combined with timely convenience is what makes the supermarket the preferred method of shopping, even with free two day shipping as an option. Food and sanitary products are the kind of products you purchase when your sources have been depleted, so it is unlikely for shoppers to get them through online shopping.

Highly Visual Experience
When shoppers go to the supermarket, phone usage drastically decreases. The reason for this is because shoppers need to focus on the different products being offered. Sales, deals, and clearances capture their attention rather than an Instagram or Facebook notification. So even with technology present, shoppers will be highly attentive to their surroundings. This is the perfect opportunity to expose your business with limited digital technology distracting your audience.

Seal the Deals
No amount of online shopping will ever get rid of the illustrious grocery store sale. Shoppers will likely want to visit the store in person for deals on products that might not be doing well for that specific store. This combined with coupon usage and an overall need to see products in person when buying at a discounted price solidifies the idea that supermarkets aren’t going out of style for a long time.

Consequently, this means that Supermarket Advertising is here to stay and dominate. Contrary to believe, but technology is actually enhancing the supermarket advertising industry. Interactive products, user generated content, and social media can all be breakout factors of the newer, more customized form of advertisement that is always sought. Rest assured that the best way to reach your local target audience is still the supermarket. Want to reach said audience? Check out our various supermarket advertising products to take your small to medium-sized business to the next level!



Branding Through Social Media

Social Media is a powerful tool for businesses because it allows businesses to reach current and prospective clients directly. Businesses can also receive invaluable feedback that can help improve the way that they communicate with their audience. Not only can it use used to benefit businesses, but it can also hurt your business if you are not on social. But one of the biggest issues that businesses have is not setting up social accounts, but knowing what to do with them to get people engaged. If you feel like your business’ brand is not being represented the way you want it to on social, follow these strategies to get the results you want.

Understand Your Platform
When you understand who your audience is, you can understand which platform is the best for you. For example, a law firm should not be investing time with Pinterest since that platform benefits businesses that are female-focused and offer products rather than services. By researching successful profiles on each platform, you will be able to see what works well for certain companies. Then, you can use their strategies and apply them to your business. Additionally, you want to start off by focusing on one account. That way, you can post frequently from one account and generate maximum content. Don’t have the time to research? inMark comes in clutch. Check out our blog post explaining the different platforms and their functions.

Be Selective
As you develop your brand on social media, you will realize just how much content you will be competing with. For example, Instagram users will spend less than 10 seconds on a profile before they scroll to the next profile on their feed. Because of this, you need to make sure that every post you make is not only in line with the brand you want your business to exude, but also aesthetically appealing to your audience. When you produce consistent and appealing content, users are more likely to follow you and keep up with your organization when they see you on their feed. Every post counts!

Consistency is Key
It’s not enough to have interesting and relevant content. If you don’t post consistently and at the appropriate times, followers will forget about your organization. Branding relies heavily on repetition so you can get the recognition you seek. The best way to ensure you are posting enough is by making a content calendar. Schedule how many posts you make, when you make them, and what you’re going to post. By creating a content calendar, you create an goal to hit within your Social Media plan. Just like you have sales goals or records you want to hit, the same goes for Social Media.

Engage, Engage, Engage
Once you have gotten into the habit of being selective about what you post, how frequent you post, and being consistent, you reach another tier you have to tackle in order to uphold the branding you have created. It is extremely important to engage with your audience, as it make your followers feel like you truly care about about them. Engaging is as easy as liking their comments, following them, reposting something they shared, or even Direct Messaging them. If you have a particularly strong following, reward your users by letting them contribute User-Generated Content (UGC).

Pay Attention to the Competition
Ignore everything you’ve heard about ignoring the competition. When it comes to social media, you need to know who your biggest competitors are and what they’re posting. Understand the type of content they post, what gets the most likes, and how they are engaging with their audience. Being aware of who could potentially be taking your prospective clients can help you decide what to post and when. The ‘social’ in social media applies to all of its users… even the ones you don’t want to interact with.

By following these steps, you can get your brand displayed on social media on your terms.