Tune In Thursdays For Our Story Takeover!

Thursdays are one of the best days of the week. It is the Friday Jr. of the week. And if you are like us here at inMark, we love looking forward to our weekends.

Except the best part about Thursdays for us is our Instagram story takeover! 

Tell me already, what is the story takeover?!

If you have an Instagram account already, then you know what a story is. Our social media team is always posting useful tips and content on our story.

Our story takeover is just that, one of our employees each week, takes control of our instagram account and gives you an inside look at inMark through their eyes. Each job position gets their own day. Our accountants, creative department, business developers, sales reps and managers, all get a chance to show off their day.

So check in every Thursday and get familiar with our team! Go ahead and follow us now, we’re excited to bring you a few laughs before the weekend!

Source: https://inmarkmg.com/culture/tune-in-thursdays-for-our-story-takeover/

Source: https://inmarkmg.wordpress.com/2018/03/13/tune-in-thursdays-for-our-story-takeover/

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