Which Marketing Channel Should a New Business Use?

In some aspects it’s very convenient that communication and media are practically embedded into our daily lives. But, in terms of figuring out which marketing channels to use, this creates an extremely overwhelming atmosphere for new and existing businesses.


So, where do you begin?

businessman is thinking.

Well, first we need to understand the differences in two strategies: one or multi-channel marketing. Although the latter is more advanced and usually used by bigger companies with larger marketing departments or hired marketing consultants, the strategy may not be completely out of the question for a newer, smaller company.


But, this multi-channel marketing strategy is often where things can get pretty overwhelming and convoluted. Why? Because each individual channel also has various techniques and processes that serve different purposes to master brand-to-consumer communication.


Instead, let’s take a seat back, look at your company and its goals, and answer some basic questions.


  • Who are you trying to reach?


  • Where are those consumers the most?


  • What marketing channel can you use to reach those costumers at those places?


Sure, it may seem like an oversimplification, but overcomplicating the issue early on will only lead to an extremely messy situation later.


So, how are these questions going to help you?


Well, it seems obvious enough, but understanding who you are trying to reach is the foundation for your entire marketing strategy. If you begin creating SEO content about children’s toys, but you are trying to reach children aged 8-12, you’re already setting yourself up for failure.



Tip: Age is not enough. Learn more about your target audience than you think you need to know. Where are they from? What do they like to do? What do they do in their free time? All of these questions (and many more questions) will help you determine the answer to the next question: where is your target audience?


So, creating SEO content wouldn’t be the best idea for 8-12 year olds, because they probably aren’t going to sit down to read and article on “the history of toy robots.” But, because of their placement in the younger generation, they probably are on the internet a decent amount. So instead of SEO, maybe create an Instagram or Twitter account, and/or create ads to appear on other apps. Figuring out the best channels to use for your business shouldn’t be too hard when you boil your business, and its goals, down to its most simplistic form.


Remember who your target audience is, where they are, and what they want. These three rules will lead you to the best marketing channels to use. If properly conquering a marketing strategy still seems slightly overwhelming, there is no shame in reaching out to a marketing agency for more guidance!


Source: https://inmarkmg.com/uncategorized/which-marketing-channel-should-a-new-business-use/

Source: https://inmarkmg.wordpress.com/2017/12/01/which-marketing-channel-should-a-new-business-use/

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