5 Localized Marketing tips for Small Businesses

The desire for local products is booming. Location searches that include words like “near me” “closest” or “nearby” According to Google Trends data, have increased 34 times from where they were in 2011. Of those searches, 50 percent visit a store within a day of their search, and 18 percent make a purchase. A company’s online presence, especially when targeting local costumers, is proportionate to their success.

  1. Embrace and promote testimonials

People are all about local. A “home-grown” product or service naturally attracts local potential customers. But, only if you can reach them. Testimonials are your way in to the local market.

When Sue hires you to paint her house, and then loves the job you did, she’ll most likely rave about your company to her friends. Now, imagine if you asked her to submit a review of your company on your website or Facebook page. Her praise will turn from a few local friends to a few hundred Facebook users.

Reviews are basically free advertisement. Even if you receive a bad review, a quality, well worded reply can turn the review into your favor.

  1. Create SEO content

Local content is local views which are local customers. Sounds simple, but if one of the three are absent, then so are the other two. To get the costumers you want, you need to answer the questions they have. Their issues are your issues.

Sue’s Painting company wishes to improve her site views. To do this, she wants to post SEO content to her page. So, she goes to her followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and asks “What questions do you have about paint brands?” or “What questions do you have about using primer?”

When Sue gets costumer questions, she writes articles that answer their concerns. This will generate more views, which in turn generate more sales. Make sure the articles are interactive and easy on the eyes. See Tips for SEO Writing for more information.   

  1. Stay active on social media

According to Pew Research Center “around seven-in-ten Americans use social media to connect with one another, engage with news content, share information and entertain themselves.” In total, about 69 percent of Americans use social media. That’s over half of all potential markets. Obviously, social media activity is important, but localizing your activity is a whole different battle.

Local hashtags on Instagram and Twitter can help with exposure. If you’re trying to promote your business to the local White Plains, New York market, you might want to use hashtags like “#Westchester” or “#WhitePlains.” Social media is free to use, so check out what hashtags your competitors are using, too.

Geotags are another tool that will increase the success of your social media content. Geotagging, according to Social Media Examiner, “is the process of attaching geographical data to photographs, videos, websites, status updates and even emails.” It can be done on multiple social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. Having a Geotag for your company lets other social media users tag your company’s location in their posts, too. AKA, even more exposure to your company!

  1. Advertise to your potential market only

If your target market are women aged 15 to 20, why would you advertise to 70-year-old men? The same goes for location. If your market is local, then target local. Promoting your business in a newspaper that spans multiple counties and states is a waste of your time and your money. Will costumers 3 hours away actually travel to your dental practice? Probably not. You’re better off focusing on a realistic radius. Like we said before, people love local.

Supermarket advertising is a great way to enhance your brand’s local recognition. The average person goes to the supermarket 2-3 times a week. That means if your company is advertising in the local supermarket, you’ll get an average of 3 exposures to your brand per person per week (pretty much guaranteed.)

  1. Get involved in the community

No matter the quality of your product or services, people love to support local businesses that support local causes. That’s why your business’s success will greatly increase with community involvement. Donate to a local 5k, run the 5k as a company, sponsor a volleyball team, serve on a board, or volunteer at a food bank.

People like to feel good about the choices they’re making, and the same goes for buying your product. So, promote a month long awareness or donation month, or give a dollar of each sale to a local cancer event. Whatever you do, keep it local.

Source: http://inmarkmg.com/social-media/5-localized-marketing-tips-for-small-businesses/

Source: https://inmarkmg.wordpress.com/2017/06/05/5-localized-marketing-tips-for-small-businesses/

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