Finlandia To Launch Reduced Sodium Spreadable Butters

Finlandia Cheese is launching two new premium spreadable butters, Finlandia Spreadable Butter with Canola Oil and Finlandia Spreadable Butter with Canola Oil 25% Reduced Fat, to its expanding portfolio of products.

New Finaldia Spreadable Butters with Canola Oil contain more than 55-percent less sodium than the other leading butter brands, according to company officials, and are crafted with wholesome milk from family-owned farms in Finland. The new product line contains only four real ingredients: butter, canola oil, water and milk minerals, or ValSa—a patented milk mineral salt and superior ingredient in lowering salt intake in butter. Both premium spreadable butters will be available in the dairy section of grocery stores and supermarkets nationwide beginning this September.

After more than five years of extensive research and development, Finlandia’s R&D team back in Finland has patented the ValSa milk mineral salt process, where the natural minerals found in milk—potassium, iodine, magnesium, calcium and sodium—are extracted from whey that is produced as a byproduct during cheese production. Milk minerals are naturally found in whey, which, when separated and added into the butter in place of regular table salt, substantially lower the sodium content while maintaining the rich, full-flavored, buttery taste.

“Excessive sodium consumption is the most significant risk factor in high blood pressure, the single biggest contributor to the reduction of life expectancy worldwide,” says Emma Aer, chief executive officer, Finlandia Cheese. “For years, the food industry has sought ways to reduce sodium content without compromising taste. After years of R&D, our team at Valio has solved that dilemma through our innovative ValSa milk mineral salt process. Now, our customers can enjoy the full, delicious, buttery taste of Finlandia Spreadable Butters with significantly less sodium than the others.”

Finlandia Spreadable Butters with Canola Oil are available in 8-ounce and 15-ounce tubs and can be found at select grocery stores and supermarkets nationwide.


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