Take A Step Towards Your Fears!

What holds you back? What stops you from getting what you deserve?


The good thing is its all in your head. The hardest part about doing something is starting it. Your mind fogs your judgement with self doubt and fear, walking you down a path of failure with NO CHANCE at succeeding. It is ok to take on new challenges and fail, only if you are learning from your failures and not giving in to your fear of failure.

The Fear of Failure

Containing yourself within the walls of comfortability will be the demise of your aspirations. You fail before you even try, and that is the worst kind of failure. Being afraid of pursuing a goal that puts you in your comfort zone will halt your growth in every way you can think of. This where people get confused. Failure is NEEDED in your life. You NEED it to grow. If you stay in your comfort zone your whole life, you won’t learn anything new, you will never try new things, and you will never prosper.

Risk Vs Safe 

In life we are faced with many life altering choices. It usually comes down to taking a risk, the unknown, or going with the norm, the comfortable, the known. Of course, the people who never grow with their life experiences always choose the safe route.

Take The Step   

The first thing you should do is want to take the step. Continue on whatever path you choose, and know that it is OK to fail, it is OK to fall, it is OK to lose. It is what you do after that determines your character. Taking the first step towards facing your fears already puts you ahead of the people who aren’t even trying! Get up and face your fears!


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The Importance of a Sale

Sales are everything to a business. Without sales, you can be certain you will fail. Finding what works for generating sales at your company is key to your success.  According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, the 28 million small businesses in the United States account for 54% of all U.S. sales.  Generating sales is no easy task and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to increasing sales for your business.  There are many strategies, however, to increase your customer base.  The way you generate sales will ultimately depend on many factors, such as your business, industry, and location.

Make The Call and Be Personable

At inMark Media, we have done a fantastic job of creating a large customer base throughout the United States via outbound calling.  Outbound calling has never been an easy task and it has gotten harder over the years.  However, business owners still pick up their phones and as soon as the chance is given, our sales team makes sure to create a lasting relationship with each customer.

We build one-on-one relationships with our customers from the moment we step into their office to sign a contract. We listen to their needs and do our best to satisfy as many of them as we can by providing customized advertising and marketing strategies. We make sure to give each customer the same treatment whether they spend one dollar or one million.

By utilizing these two sales methods, we have created long-lasting, successful, and fruitful business partnerships. However, building customer relationships always comes at a large expense.  You must be ready to invest your time and resources into your customer relationships.

Be Innovative

The use of traditional sales methods can help you generate sales. However, you must not forget that we are in a time where technology governs and is very much a part of our daily lives.  Therefore, don’t forget to take advantage of modern-day technology in your efforts. You will attain a larger reach and customer base, and are able to communicate in unique ways.

inMark Media uses its innovative resources to attain a larger reach via search engine optimization and social media platforms.  Since customers don’t have to travel to a physical location, the potential to reach millions is attainable.

The approach used is very different when trying to attain and retain customers using online sales.  You will not be able to create a personal relationship with each client since the potential client base is so large.  However, you can build customer relationships by being transparent, honest, creating a customer-centered and user-friendly website, having clear contact information and most importantly excellent customer service.

Converting Using Websites

When thinking of your website, make sure to see it as a sales funnel.  It’s very likely that a potential customer will buy something the first time they visit your website. Therefore, you must focus on providing as much information as possible. Potential buyers who are first visiting your website is similar to the top of the sales funnel.

Oftentimes, you may have many prospects coming in, these are also at the top of your sales funnel.  As you move prospects through the funnel, they turn into leads. You must pay close attention and take care of your leads to pull them even further into your sales funnel. At the end of the day, the goal is to turn your leads into paying customers.

For example, many companies are offering free help or services to bring in customers and collect information, contact services and then at the end of the trial period offering continued assistance for the regular or discounted rate.

Once you receive a prospect’s email address, they are a lead. Once you have a lead you must continue to foster the relationship by offering additional information to bring them back to the website.  The goal should always be to drive a large volume of prospects into your sales funnel. At the bottom of the funnel, invite your leads to become customers. Use the tools and employees at your disposal to accomplish your sales goals.  At inMark Media Group, we are always here to help establish your website and provide you the tools necessary to increase sales.  For more information, contact us via email at info@inmarkmg.com or give us a call at 844-INMARK-1.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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Supermarket Advertising vs. Our Competitors

You may have heard of supermarket advertising before this blog, but you’ve never seen it utilized how we use brand bars. Traditional advertising like the use of register tapes that no one cares to look at, or a TV ad you may be lucky enough for people to watch, are OK, but are not the BEST. 

Our products go above and beyond the status quo of supermarket advertising. Each one of our products focus on strategic placement that generates exposure, targets your local audience, and is seen repetitively by your target audience. Check out how we differ from the rest.

Register Tapes

How many times have you stopped and called the number behind your receipt? Hardly, if you do. Well these have become less utilized the more fast paced our lives become. No one cares for an ad on the back of a receipt when they are focused on the actual contents of it. And, unless you’re buying groceries for a party and may want to return something later, you’ll most likely throw that receipt in the trash.

Well this is why brand bars are a better investment! You can’t throw out a grocery divider, but you do have to pick it up and place on the lane belt. Our ads are sure to catch the eyes of people waiting on line. With a talented team of designers, our ads look professional and clean. This means your target audience will not stray away from an unprofessional and cluttered ad, but may be more inclined to give you a call!

TV Ads

People nowadays hardly watch TV, most people are gravitating towards streaming services that don’t provide much ads. But! There are some people who still flip through channels, and yes FLIP. How many people do you know stay on a channel after their show goes to commercials? Maybe the people who are occupied doing something else. Whatever the case may be, your commercial isn’t guaranteed viewers, its guaranteed space.

On the other hand, our brand bars can’t be changed for another one. And if it is, they are all compiled of the same ads! The brand bar guarantees you repeated exposure to your target audience. Everyone in your community goes to the supermarket for their food, why not advertise in the most visited space in your community?


Yes billboards are huge! Yes billboards can be seen by many! And yes it’ll look very pretty… but! You don’t know exactly who you are targeting. Additionally, people are driving by your billboard, you can’t just stop on the highway and call the number on a billboard. The passenger driver might not even be the person you want to target, and how will they know if the driver needs your service?

Which brings me back to our brand bar. People standing on line look for something to set their eyes on. An ad that catches their eye is a potential lead! Now, the first day they might not call you, but a month down the line when they may need your service, they’ll remember your ad and give you a call.


Next time you are looking for a good place your ad, choose inMark. We GUARANTEE EXPOSURE, REPETITION, and YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE. Contact us and we can talk about how to grow your business through us!


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Utilize Facebook Advertising!

Picture this, you just spent 30 minutes looking for a leather jacket on your phone. You didn’t find anything you like so you start browsing through your Facebook news feed. You spot an ad that you think is directly targeted to you because it was a leather jacket the caught your attention.

Well it was targeted to you. Someone handling that Facebook ad specified their target market to reach your device. And you clicked on it and continued to buy your desire jacket! Everyone wins. 


As a business owner it would be smart to utilize this kind of advertising to get the best return on investment. Using Facebook ads, you are able to manage your daily limit spent on advertising and update your ads as you please. So, if one is not working, you can try another. With plenty of different ways to make your ad unique, the possibilities are endless.

With so many ways to create your ad, it can also be confusing. If you don’t know what you’re doing you may as well throw your money out the window. It is difficult to create an ad that generates a return on investment that is beneficial to your business.

Setting Goals

Or maybe, you don’t need actual sales. What if you just want some reach, or awareness of your brand. Facebook allows you to choose goals you’ve set yourself within the list they offer. Divided into 3 main categories, awareness, consideration, and conversion. Choose what you want your ads to focus on and continuously test them.

Pictures Attract

Witty, attention-catching headlines and text can only do so much. People like to be enticed with visuals. Whether it is a still, or motion graphic, a visual will likely be the missing piece to a good ad.

This is where WE can help You! Contact us to manage your Facebook ads and for any other agency services you may need.

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Why You Should Like to Sweat

Our bodies are made to sweat. You can sweat doing any activity. Whether it is walking, running, eating hot food, or even getting a little too excited about the topic of conversation.

Some people sweat more than others, these people will break a sweat by putting clothes on. But others, have to work hard for that sweat and that is even better because they are exerting their body for it.

However it is that you sweat, don’t be grossed out by it. As long as you shower after, sweat is very good for you. Take a look at some of the benefits of sweating! 

Get Rid of Toxins 

Had a long weekend of drinking and partying? Too much to eat? Sweating can replace the detox plan you initially thought of doing. There is nothing more natural than releasing toxins through the power of sweating out of your pours.

Regulate Body Temperature 

Why else do you think we sweat when we’re hot? Eat a Peruvian puff pepper and see how much you sweat. Sweating prevents us from overheating anytime our body temperatures rise. This could be from working out, hot weather, or hot food. If we didn’t sweat, we would easily get dizzy, and/or lose consciousness. Worst case scenario, you are dehydrated and not sweating, you’re more likely to get a heat stroke.

Feeling Under The Weather? 

We all get sick, and most of us rush to take antibiotics or other prescribed medicines. Ever hear someone telling you “just sweat it out”? It is because sweat carries some antibiotic agents that can rid your body of invaders.

That Feel Good Feeling 

After working out and sweating with the proper exertion your body releases endorphins that make you feel amazing after a good sweat. You feel a quick rush flowing through your body after a good sweat and you’ll be even happier knowing you did something that wasn’t sitting on the couch watching tv.

Poppin’ Zits!

Open up your dirty pores through sweating to release the bacteria on your face that causes pimples. Once you’ve finished sweating, be sure to clean your face! If you don’t then you’re just creating more zits, you don’t want that now, do you?

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Learn to Practice Mindfulness

Sometimes, we get so caught up with completing tasks and meeting deadlines that we don’t take the time to appreciate our progress. If you know that you are the type of person to rarely take time out of your week to devote to yourself, you may want to consider small ways to implement mindfulness into your work day.

What is Mindfulness? According to mindful.org, “Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us”. By focusing on mindfulness, specifically within the workplace, you can both de-stress and remain productive. The following tips will help you recharge so you can get even more done.

Focused Breathing

When you transition between tasks, practice a breathing exercise. Focused breathing will not only provide more oxygen to your brain, but will also ease your mind and clear it from your many racing thoughts. Don’t know a breathing exercise? Inhale, hold, and exhale for one count of four each. Once you done that, repeat the process but add another count of four until you reach 16 beats. This exercise really makes you pay attention to your breathing.

Unplug When You Can

At work, it’s almost mandatory to use technology in some sort of capacity. Whether it’s designing or answering emails, odds you are you are likely to spend the majority of your day on the computer. While technology has advanced our form of communication and increased efficiency, it’s important to use everything in moderation. When walking to meetings, eating lunch, or even commuting to work, try to refrain from using technology and use that time to pay attention to your body in the moment. Notice your breathing patterns, listen to your heart beat. Do your best to think in the moment.

Take a Walk– Not a Hike!

In between tasks, don’t be afraid to get up and walk around your office, building, or nearest parking lot. Pay attention to the pace, the stride, and the feel of your walk. Play around with these factors as well to add some variety. Small things like this may seem silly, but they will give you an overall relaxed piece of mind that will reset your focus and improve productivity and mood.

By practicing these simple actions, you will practice more mindfulness in your day. Do so, and it will result in a more relaxed and stress-free state.

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Recipe to a Great Ad: Location, Traffic, And?

When a small business has a goal to attract local markets, it can sometimes struggle with knowing exactly where that market is. Yes, it is local, but local can be a pretty broad word. Consumers’ behaviors can change weekly, if not daily, so it may be hard to predict the actions and locations of a small business’s target market.

However, one thing that remains constant in essentially every demographic across most markets? The need for food and the need to go food shopping. There is nothing more central in local markets than the neighborhood supermarket. Supermarkets give businesses, basically, all the key ingredients to a beautiful recipe: the location, the consumer traffic, all that’s missing? Exposure!

Supermarket advertising is the most effective form of localized brand advertising. It distinguishes companies and brands from nonlocal or even local competition. The continuous advertising repetition and exposure creates a consumer/company brand loyalty that is strictly incomparable to any other form of advertising.

Need more proof?

1. The repetitive nature of supermarket advertising creates a subconscious yet strong brand/consumer connection.

The average supermarket shopper visits the grocery store about 2.2 times per week. That equates to, almost, 3 exposures of your ad per customer per week. At 3 exposures per week, there is very little room for the costumer to not notice your ad or brand.

2. Consumer’s prolonged shopping experience means more time exposing your brand to your target market. (A lot more than a 30 second commercial or newspaper ad would.)

The average supermarket shopper spends around 41 minutes at the supermarket—per trip. 41 minutes, at 2.2 times per week, means your company and brand will have an average exposure time of 90.2 minutes per costumer every week.

3. Supermarket shoppers are 90% more likely to visit the same supermarket year round than they are to visit multiple supermarkets.

Essentially, it’s almost guaranteed your target market will stay put. It’s just up to you if you’re ready for an investment that will multiple your brand recognition.

Even with the growth of technology, the average American is still visiting the grocery store on a weekly basis. Supermarket advertising guarantees repetitive, targeted and local exposure. If you’re a small business owner and want advertising that actually works and is exclusive to YOUR community, contact us at inMark Media and we can answer your questions or get you started!

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